Leo and Linda and set report

Hey Brooke my last email to you bounced – but if you google bluegrass in Vancouver it should give the bluegrass slowpitch monday info. Hey Tori, I called you this morning and it rang twice and disconnected. I’ll try back again later.

My gig at the Laughing Bean went great. I had a cheat sheet on me but didn’t need to consult it that often – I will be better rehearsed next Friday. Boy was I glad to see John… I had no idee whether Paul was going to make it in time for my set (he missed by about 4 minutes) so it was extremely nice to have one of my krewe there.

Zeek!, the little bugger, woke me at 4:30 doing his I Am A Siren imitation in the front yard. Let him in the back door about 90 seconds later and his tail was as wide as the rest of him. I don’t know which of his neighbours he was so exercised about but his tail was still fluffed up even after I provided some crunchies to get him to calm down.

I still think Ilona’s bit about the Teletubbies in the DTES was pretty funny.

Pic is of the 25th wedding celebration for Leo and Linda. Sigh. Paul and I are almost there ourselves, except we never bothered with the getting married part.

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