Lyrics to Lifeline

Pic is some random animal. John’s bike is being recalcitrant. Young love is being radiant. Goofy, but radiant. Bike and Spuffy are being pretty. My physical condition is being difficult. Paul is being wonderful.

Throw me… throw me a lifeline, throw me a lifeline, right now. x 2

My beauty and my ugliness they went for a ride

Beauty said to Ugly baby I gotta drive

Ugly said to Beauty well I don’t mind that

Hit Beauty in the head with a big ol’ baseball bat


Operator operator do I really need you

Do I need you to put me through?

Do I need you to open up a line

Do I need you to show me a sign?

Show me, show me a lifeline, throw me a lifeline, right now X 2

You’re doing me a favour; now, when did you decide to keep your mouth shut and your arms out wide? You could be complaining but you just let it slide… you’re the reason I came back to life after I died.

Chorus & fade.

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