Mandolin practice

I have fallen deeply in love with that mandolin. Keith is annoyed with me, as I was practicing 5 hours yesterday. Worked up the melody line for Wildwood Flower, plus all the chord changes, plus an extremely rock and roll break for it. Bery funny. Also worked out “Tapioca” and “Lifeline” for the mando – actually sounds kinda cool, although I really need to put instrumental breaks in both of them. Zow. And you know, none of this would have happened if Paul hadn’t ordered me to have a good time yesterday. I laundered not, neither did I spin. I just played the mando until Keith was ready to adjust my air supply. My entire left hand is screeching like a fishwife and I have interesting divots out of my right arm where I was resting it against the instrument. The SD ram in the camera DOES NOT FIT the MP3 player, calice tabernac. Highly recommended – Red vs. Blue. I know it makes me an idiot, but I am a fan.

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