Worked some more on my routine last night. I am now officially in panic mode, but since that comes close to being my normal state it would be hard for anybody to tell the difference. I forgot to take my vitamins so I feel sort of … I don’t know … sludgy this mornin’. Katie continues to be completely involved in young True Love, while finishing her homework and maintaining something resembling a social life, although I could wish that teenaged boys bearing mace weren’t allowed in with such jolly abandon. (They were gone by the time Paul and I got back from the financial advisor). Cari and Robin have actually registered at Katie and Keith’s school but apparently they aren’t talking to Katie very much. Keith has started Art and had to sketch an iron last night. I think he is very brave to be taking art, considering that like me he has no native skill for it. He did call the roving Mandolin instructor but the instructor is going out of town so he made a recommendation, and it turns out… this is hilarious… that two of the finest instructors of Mandolin in BC live walking distance from this house. I have come to the conclusion that apart from all the grow ops and bikers and untamed ethnics with unregistered rifles, an awful lot of nice and sensible people live in East Burnaby and environs. Paul says there were 20 banjos in one room at the Anza Club on Monday and to this I can only add “The horror! the horror!” as once cannot reasonably assume that they, the fiddle players, the guitarists and the mandolin players, who were all there for slow pitch night at the Bluegrass, were all actually in tune, unless they hired a Big Hairy Guy to force incoming players to twist some pegs. Brooke, I’m thinking of you. Let’s see what else. Katie found a picture of her boyfriend on the internet just by googling his name under images. Note to self. The pic of me on the internet, from Beacon, sucks a mop; I have since disposed of that dress and that godforsaken haircut, and it’s a good thing. Must ask them to remove the pic – it got taken when I stood for the Board of Trustees. Had to put in a special order for the King Cobb Steelie album, but at least it will be cheap. Off to work. So is Paul – four evenings, which means, of course, that he will be missing both of our comedy class performances. Life is massively unfair. Once again, it’s at the Laughing Bean on Hastings, 8 pm this Friday and next. I’ve decided not to invite anybody; if anybody shows up it’s because they actually read my blog. Pic is something random from Xantrex, part of a Christmas display.

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