snow crystal

Bizarre looking critter, isn’t it? It actually looks like a superior form of logo or industrial design, but it’s one of the things that happens when water gets cold. Molto cool, as they say. Katie is off administering physical therapy to the boyfriend (go give your dirty mind a bath, he moves furniture for a living and after a week solid of work he’s a complete mess and needs his back worked on), Keith just got back from an invigorating workout, and Paul’s out getting drunk someplace… oh yeah, I guess I should say that he’s drinking 2 whole beers at the Anza club, which apparently has bluegrass tonight. I am just minding my own business, having tidied the house somewhat. La la la. Remember, the server for my blog is in England, so even though it says it’s tomorrow, it’s still really today. If you know what I mean. Stole the MP3 player back from Katie and I just loaded up a bunch of Dandy Warhols. …. more later.

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Born when atmospheric carbon was 316 PPM. Settled on MST country since 1997. Parent, grandparent.

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