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I went home sick yesterday, collapsed for a couple of hours, got up, forced myself to eat something, and then lay awake all night listening to my insides creaking and muttering like a ship’s rigging. I think my stomach valve sealed itself shut again. I had to lie on my stomach for a couple of hours to try and encourage my innards to be a little more cooperative. I am going to be very cautious about what I eat today, I think. The tingling and the numbness have pretty much stopped, and the flashies, which is why I can post, but the whole “Life as We Know It has No Meaning and Why Don’t You Just Fling Yourself From the Iron Workers Memorial” feeling has not stopped. The fact that I know it’s an artefact of my brain chemistry (yet another migraine expressing itself) doesn’t help. The thing that scared me most yesterday was the dizzy spell, Paul thinks it’s flu. I dunno.

Bought Paul an MP3 player for Valentines. He can use it at work or run with it; I am hoping it will cheer him up.

I light a candle for all the people who are breaking up right now.

I had yet another snuggly dream last night. The person I dreamed about is about as snuggly as a moray eel so it was an odd sensation; even in the dream you’re thinking (Neo style) ‘Whoa!’

Showcase next Friday. Nobody has their sets together. Especially not me.

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