Ball lightning in the lab

pOp has probably already seen this, but in case he hasn’t….

Ball lightning created in the lab in Brazil.

pOp has a wonderful story about watching a very large sphere of ball lightning travel right down the middle of the Argus he was flying in. He managed to control the urge to touch it, and considering it zorched a damned bit hole in the aircraft, that’s prob’ly a good thing.
Also, proof that the FSM is indeed in us all.

Look for the post entitled FSM DNA

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  1. I thought your readers would be interested in looking at these energy technologies one of which, EPS, has a theoretic base for ball lighting.

    Aneutronic Fusion: Here I am not talking about the big science ITER project taking thirty years, but the several small alternative plasma fusion efforts.

    There are three companies pursuing hydrogen-boron plasma toroid fusion, Paul Koloc, Prometheus II, Eric Lerner, Focus Fusion and Clint Seward of Electron Power Systems (EPS)

    Vincent Page (a technology officer at GE!!) gave a presentation at the 05 6th symposium on current trends in international fusion research , which high lights the need to fully fund three different approaches to P-B11 fusion

    He quotes costs and time to development of P-B11 Fusion as tens of million $, and years verses the many decades and ten Billion plus $ projected for ITER and other “Big” science efforts

    EPS also provides a theoretic base for ball lighting : Ball Lightning Explained as a Stable Plasma Toroid
    The theoretic’s are all there in peer reviewed papers. It does sound to good to be true however with names like MIT, Delphi, STTR grants, NIST grants , etc., popping up all over, I have to keep investigating.

    Recent support has also come from one of the top lightning researcher in the world, Joe Dwyer at FIT, when he got his Y-ray and X-ray research published in the May issue of Scientific American,
    Dwyer’s paper:

    and according to Clint Seward it supports his lightning models and fusion work at Electron Power Systems

    The Navy Heats up “Cold Fusion” with Use of CR-39 Detectors in LENR Experiment:

    Extraordinary Evidence – “Cold Fusion”

    The field of low energy nuclear reactions, historically known as cold fusion, has never had simple physical evidence of the claimed nuclear processes to physically place in the hands of doubters.

    Until now.

    Scientists at the U.S. Navy’s San Diego SPAWAR Systems Center have produced something unique in the 17-year history of the scientific drama historically known as cold fusion: simple, portable, highly repeatable, unambiguous, and permanent physical evidence of nuclear events using detectors that have a long track record of reliability and acceptance among nuclear physicists.

    Using a unique experimental method called co-deposition, combined with the application of external electric and magnetic fields, and recording the results with standard nuclear-industry detectors, researchers have produced what may be the most convincing evidence yet in the pursuit of proof of low energy nuclear reactions.

    New Energy Times, issue #19
    “Extraordinary Evidence”

    Erich J. Knight

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