Mean-spirited, yes, but o so funny

Let’s just say that the OTHER comics were really funny. What I find entertaining most of all is that I made an effort (a small one) to you know, show up on time, write new material, and push my boundaries. Some of the folks I went through David Granirer’s course with have not written any significantly new material in a year. I write new material for every gig; it’s a damned good thing I’m only going out once a year, but it’s hard to claim you do standup if you sit around the house every night whinging about what a coward you are.

So I’m no longer feeling cowardly, but OH do I feel like I stunk out the joint. It’s a wonderful thing to go first and get it ovah. I didn’t get crickets, just eyeballs and tentative laughs. I also, like the callowest, dopiest, newbie, got gonged off the stage. Heavy sigh. But it got a laugh!!!!

As for no new material, I watched as a year’s worth of polish and mike practice made Tom S. one of the highlights, and I watched as the prepped material of the host Seth bombed like an IED while his improvised stuff, while not brilliant, was genuinely out there, funny, and allowed him free range with his rubbery face and cutting voice. There was one other gal, whose name I think was Monique (I was too nervous to remember to take notes) who performed some jawdroppingly tasteless material in a voice which indicated that she was just barely conscious. I found her really funny, but it wasn’t crack me up stuff. The rest of them were good and they all had good material – the real variety was in the comfort with the mike, of which I had bloody none. Ben Luk, whom I ate dinner with at Tom and Peggy’s two Sundays ago (yeah, the entire known UNIVERSE will someday eat at their place), got up and referred to himself as David Suzuki’s lovechild, which nearly made me spit my beer all over my unfortunate table mate, because of course he DOES look like David Suzuki’s lovechild and part of humour is accuracy.

The best part of yesterday… well, it was a damned good day, in total. First thing I went walking with Peggy, and my back is way way better. Then I got to work and the thing I’ve been dreading, which is that two horrible train wrecks of projects end up due at the same time, did not come to pass and I will actually get enough time to do them properly. Then I got a lift down the hill with LTGW and ScaryClown, two of my more disgusting and disreputable worksiblings, and ScaryClown invited me to a party on Friday night which will involve hideous amounts of drinking with total strangers, so of course I said yes. Happy sigh. Then I ate dinner at a restaurant and finished up my material and this morning I’m no longer just pushing air past my gums when I say I do stand up.

Definitely must write more material.

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  1. Whee! We are sisters in the gong fellowship – I got gonged off stage at the lamplighter last month.

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