Smiling through the pain.

My right foot is almost entirely numb, even as my leg gets better.  And it wasn’t a charley horse; it was a torn muscle in my calf, as evidenced by a navy bruise the size of a tennis ball.  I’m walking much better, though…. I’ve been very slow and very gimpy.
Katie spent the night at Dax’ again. Rr.  Rrrr-rrrr.  Hrngh.

I constitute all the management that there is in my department today.  That’s a cheerful prospect before I go in; fortunately nothing nasty ever happens even when I blog in advance that it’s going to be fine.
Christine Lavin is at it again. I’ve seen her live, and she’s a truly remarkable entertainer.  This link by way of a bunch of Unitarian buddies, one of whom was dumped by a guy who…. well, let’s just say it’s lucky she didn’t spend years with him.  Six months was interesting enough.  Oh, Christine also did a version of it for men, so go to the main site and scroll about a third of the way down to get it.

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