Back to the grind

Pic is of Smith, Jan’s salamander.

I had a fabulous time at brunch with Tammy, at a place called the Only Cafe which has an AMAZING beer selection, best I’ve seen since Fogg n Sudds closed, then snackies at Jan and Soon’s (where Catherine showed up with major amounts of awesome cheese and crusty bread, AND spiced olives; my small offering of trail mix seemed rather badly thought out!) and then a Sunday dinner en famille at John and Ruth’s where I (as threatened) inspected their children and was filled with pot roast AND approval.

John gave me a lift to the airport, where I came within a hairsbreadth of losing my ID as I stepped out of the car… good thing I didn’t… and then my flight was delayed but once again I was among the last ones on. My seat mate watched most of An Inconvenient Truth with the subtitles on so I got the benefit too. His laptop then died, and I felt like saying, have you considered any of the fine alternative power products manufactured by … but that would have been just plain wrong. My back this morning is a paean of protest, but apart from hearing that Katie’s planning to move out with her boyfriend April 1, Yes, p0p, it’s true, April 1st….. well, other than that I have little to complain about.

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  1. Like we should all be that lucky. Grinding poverty, not finishing school, abusive boyfriend – yup, she’s gonna have it all.

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