Had a second realtor through here today. I must say I prefer this one over the previous one; especially when he cut to brass tacks almost immediately and laid it all out. He confirmed what Paul and I are already thinking, that spending a nickel more than paint and upstairs broadloom would be insanity. Also, and interestingly, he figures that he’ll get out of the all of the houses/condos he owns in or before 2009.

Hrrm. Says Allegra. See previous posts, if you want an idea how I am thinking about this. Current notion is that we anticipate (ernh, who the hell knows) a four person household within about 2 ks of here, most likely closer rather than farther away from the airport. Katie…. ah well. Not much to say there; I spoke to her briefly today and she isn’t coming home tonight and will likely not come home tomorrow.

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