2 thoughts on “Go play outside in the dirt.”

  1. I knew it! Gardening, especially without gloves thereby getting dirt under the fingernails, has always been a mood-elevator for me. Didn’t know the physiological mechanism – just knew it worked. Stopped using gloves long ago – they kept coming off unawares, and turning up with the next spring’s plowing. Now, prescribing dirt-under-the-nails gardening for depression should become common.

  2. I’m in the cheering section but I’ll have to wait for the “dirt bacteria” to come out in a nicer format. The best I can do is a small spade — I’m petrified of touching any creepy crawlers and/or worms of any kind. On top of that, I have been bitten by an earwig before (and once they have you they don’t let go)!

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