4 thoughts on “Over the top cuteness”

  1. This is seriously weird. What kind of bizarre wiring could have led to this behaviour, one wonders. The duckling is still in down – meaning, only a couple of weeks old. Not much time for learning a non-programmed behaviour. The mind boggles.

  2. Maybe this duckling is honing its parenting skills. I had one 3 week old baby budgie which laid a smaller egg along side her mother, every other day when her mother was laying her second clutch. This according to the top expert on eggs at the University of Guelph is not even physically possible. (The little eggs were not fertile and did not hatch.)

  3. Yabbut…yabbut…for the duckling, feeding a different ORDER??? As for the baby budgie laying eggs – well, it does happen in the animal kingdom – but in INSECTS – that the young females are born pregnant. Consider the mason bee. Mine will be hatching shortly, and by a day later they will have mated and laid their eggs. Further, all things exist on a continuum. The baby budgie was on the budgie reproduction continuum more than three standard deviations from the top of the curve…makes her rare, but not impossible. And – very interesting as are all rarities.

  4. This duckling has character plus. I wonder if it’s possible to befriend a duckling and keep it as a pet. The expert at Guelph suggested I hold onto this early egg-laying budgie — if her DNA could be spliced with chicken DNA producing ear-laying chickens, I could strike it rich!

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