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Last night I had the strangest dream; I dreamed that a guy who was a quadruple amputee had crawled up onto the front of his four storey house to do some work and he lost his balance and when I went to find his body his artificial limbs were all I could find and nobody believed me when I said he’d disappeared.  Then I found his head and as I watched the head folded up on itself until it was just a mask (like that brrr mask in Sandman, you will recollect ‘the talking mask’) and then the mask disappeared while I watched.  Then I went for a walk in a place like the night market and a woman was walking two long haired roan cats and profiles like Nicole Kidman and the owner talked about how she was selling them for ten thousand apiece and could hardly bear to part with them.  It had just rained and the streets had that gritty shine like in anime or Blade Runner.  Then I met a surfer dude who stole a van to rescue some woman and when she needed a lift someplace else and couldn’t drive he just smiled at her and said, “Well I only drive in emergencies, I never really learned to drive because I just live at the beach.” 

Rob of Nine loaned me the first season of Robin Hood (the new Beeb production).  He must KNOW how I feel about men in tights.  And he didn’t give me the season finale, prob’ly cause he likes to hear me beg.

Scary Clown laughed into my digital recorder this morning, so I can hear him laugh whenever I want to.  I will convert to a .wav file and stick on my site so you can all enjoy it.

Thought for the Day: Don’t get me wrong: I love nuclear energy! It’s just that I prefer fusion to fission. And it just so happens that there’s an enormous fusion reactor safely banked a few million miles from us. It delivers more than we could ever use in just about 8 minutes. And it’s wireless! – William McDonough (2006)

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4 thoughts on “sundry and various”

  1. Your dream was indeed strange. My dreams tend to be: I went to the corner store and bought a ball-point pen.
    Interpretation of yours could be the basis for a film script, perhaps on the line of Being John Malkovitch.
    Not so mine.

  2. WARNING: Do not read if you are squeamish!!
    Well, when I read about your dream, I thought your dreams would be really interesting to catalogue and interpret. I think I’ve been hearing about too many disappearing continents, animals, bees, etc. because I had a dream this afternoon (I usually have a nap). I was sitting in a bar in Guelph with delegates from the Canadian Parrot Conference when an old boyfriend walked in and sat with us. He informed me he had life time visitation rights. I told him I offered him life time rights, but he didn’t want them at the time. At which point this really disgusting girl came in and joined us. I ran to the bathroom to be sick but I was throwing up blood. One of the delegates somehow got me into an ambulance, to the hospital and onto an emergency bed where he waited for a doctor to arrive. This taking an eternity, the delegate stopped a nurse and told her Debbie has no pulse, we need a doctor right away. To which the nurse simply replied, “We a have a no resuscitate rule” and started to walk away. The guy ran after her and asked her what in the world she meant by that. “Oh, it’s a budget thing OHIP no longer performs resuscitatations”. The delegate attempted several approaches to get help, but I died in the dream of internal bleeding. Now I’m awake, feeling very confused. … and honestly I’m not trying to gross any one out.

  3. Oh great…. if my subconscious had a DNR order out against me I’d be pretty depressed. And no, I’m not grossed out… it’s not like you threw up on ME.

  4. Not to worry. I’ve given your interpretation a lot of thought and the root of the dream is a deep fear of the painful colonoscopy I had, its potential side effects, the impending biopsy and the total lack of control I have over any of it. Even with a strong helper (the delegate at the hospital), speaking for me, it obviously was not enough to apease my fear. I don’t think I’m going to make a very good older person — you know as the potential for more medical procedures/operations increases. There is some other random stuff going on in the dream too, but it’s less important.

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