One thought on “Fly, fly, be free”

  1. Happy to see progress with the eternal flyer. Privacy advocates may have a problem with some potential uses, but I’m all right with it, my life is an open book. And in any case, it is now possible to see yourself on Google if you live in a densely populated area (meaning high-resolution satellite views) and possess a commitment to such ego-centric activity. One guy wrote out his evidence that the person (his shadow, really) in a GoogleEarth view of his home was actually him. And GoogleEarth, catering to this tendency, has a utility for entering weird stuff seen on GoogleEarth. I don’t think, myself, that there can be anything weirder than the Dubai Palms. I look at them when I think my life has gotten a little weird, and snap back into focus. The Palms make me thing about the devaluation of those properties when the sea rises – yet another ur-Megiddon.

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