5 thoughts on “Carefully, carefully”

  1. I like he one for the theology text best:
    “This material should be approached with a sense of humor.”

    On the other hand, that could well apply to economics or post-modernist literature as well.

  2. President George W. Bush said, “On the issue of evolution, the verdict is still out on how God created the Earth.” Really? He really said that? Good God it’s no wonder he’s against stem cell research. I’m sorry, in my opinion, the man may be the biggest nut case in the world AND I say this after watching a number of scart byt snaller nut cases on CNN last night (re: Islam story).

  3. That should read ” … scary but smaller nut cases…”. I lost the home row on my keyboard, sorry.

  4. Should I worry that I read your first message without noting the typos? Yes, I think I should. Time was when I was a grammar-syntax-spelling cop. Clearly I’m losing it.

  5. Nah Nautilus3, you’re just mellowing as time passes & letting go of the little things in favour of the more important stuff! OR, maybe you are learning to speak and read “Debbie”. I’ll explain in an e-mail later.

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