9 thoughts on “Get back in there and start breeding”

  1. Life is so interesting. At university in Economics (you know when dinasours roamed this earth, at least according to Jenn) I learned that with an average of 2.1 children per woman in Canada we would not replace ourselves and the population in Canada would decline.

    But, as per your article, more prolific mothers will predominate the gene pool and eventually the birth rate will go up.

  2. This reminds me of reading an article in the dentist’s office about women who were using reproductive technology to have children in their 50’s and 60’s. For a moment (and believe me, it was only a moment) I wondered if that was what I _should_ be doing with my life at age 57 or 59 or 63.

    Of course I have already contributed more than my 2.1 to the gene pool, although it is unlikely that they will replace themselves.

  3. Gets to the point when you don’t know what to believe – at least in terms of the whole reproductive fitness rap. I do know that I breathe a sigh of relief when each month rolls around and KID doesn’t have a bun in the oven….

  4. Kopper I’ve pondered on the same point, but for more than a moment to Jim’s accompaniment “NO, no, no … absolutely not!”.

    Is there any fool proof birth control out there to relieve a mothers’ stress? I think not. In Jenn’s earlier years, Depovera shots provided me with a great sense of relief. Last I heard, some class action suits were being filed in Toronto in response to side affects, mainly osteoporosis. Now I send Jenn off to university with a six-pack, a list of instructions (if you get the stomach flu …, if you forget to take it one day,.., etc.) AND a prayer.

  5. Well, lets see…. By and large the successful independent women are the smartest ones. They aren’t having kids, or at least not 5 kids like drunken aboriginals (ok, so i’m a bigot), so we are also selecting for stupidity.

  6. I bred two smart kids but I won’t be surprised if neither has children.

    The world I brought them into has changed a lot.

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