6 thoughts on “Hello Kitty Stress Test”

  1. Yes. Engrish.

    I need a pet. Wonder if patting Loki’s beard would suffice. Hard to pet piranha food, which is my other option.

  2. I laughed so hard I nearly choked on my gum…. remember that pet store in the Sparks street mall? Where the kids would buy fish to feed to the piranha and Loki would mime with evil glee the rapt (and raptor like) expressions on the kids’ faces as the goldfish got tossed in the tank.

  3. Kopper, I actually printed mine to remind myself of the Mantra that I already live by “release your stress before it gets worse” as well as “enjoy the green and wood” and “… natural environment, you will be peaceful to resolve any problems”. I consider my trips into the interior of Algonguin as a spiritual experience AND our dog is amazing — it’s like he was born to be in this space.

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