6 thoughts on “Happy news”

  1. Congratulations Allegra! I report a loss of 7 lbs. after walking around the block daily since May and resuming my walking program 3 weeks ago. Another 20 to go.

  2. OK, but I also cut out all deserts and reduced the portion sizes of my meals. All this for 7 measly pounds!! Still it’s better than the nothing I was expecting.

  3. But what do you do, Debbie, after you have cut out all desserts and all breads and pastas, and have a demanding daily exercise regime and still don’t lose weight until the calorie count goes below 700 daily?

    You steel yourself never to eat anything interesting again, that’s what you do, and that’s BOOOORRRING!!

  4. If my life is boring it’s certainly not due to a strenuous diet and workout. I have a walking mate and together we get fresh air 3 times a week for 40 relaxing minutes. I find hiking or walking clears my head. Yes and at some point weights could help ramp up the workout.

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