I have learned three new chords and booked the CAN car Prius for a little tour

Tee hee.  Wish me luck on both; I am NOT enjoying Eb dim, and by the way Peggy that’s actually D dim, no matter WHAT your chords for “Absolutely Bonkers” say.  It just doesn’t sound right otherwise.
Now if I can just remember how to get into the car.

May a special spot in a government lineup be reserved for the guy who keeps smoking in his apartment without turning the fan on.  I keep telling him, and telling him.  But does he listen? What an ageist old sow I’m turning out to be.  God knows – and to the eternal disgust of my non smoking friends and family – I enjoy the occasional foray into tobaccoland, but I really try to take other people’s feelings into more consideration.

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3 thoughts on “I have learned three new chords and booked the CAN car Prius for a little tour”

  1. Okay, then the chord chart is wrong. Or Dr. Filk was singing it wrong all these years, which would be entirely unsurprising, seeing as how he normally only nods in a surly fashion to the intentions of the writer.

  2. What notes does your chord chart have for Ebdim? Eb, Gb, A, and C in some combination? In an unusual move, John actually sings it pretty close to how the three weird sisters do. Ddim sounds really wrong to me with the melody. If your chord chart has different voicings for Cdim or Adim or Gbdim, try those in place – same notes as Ebdim, but maybe which bit sounds dominant to your ear for different mando fingerings will match the melody better.

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