Krazy Kraut firefighters give a hydraulic demonstration

I think they’re German. They are definitely my kind of nuts.

Please note I have edited the foregoing link so it now goes to Youtube instead of a German porn site.  You may all go “Aw….” at the same time.

Freakiest face painting I ever saw.

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2 thoughts on “Krazy Kraut firefighters give a hydraulic demonstration”

  1. The German firefighter site didn’t boot – but I was sent to a German porn link. Did I mis a point here?

    I concur about the face painting. I do admire the imagination – and the talent for jerking one’s head around which is therein demonstrated.

  2. Uh, when I went to that link it loaded automatically. Now I suppose I’m dripping with virii, computer wise.

    SIgh. I will go back and edit the link.

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