Nurd Gurl goes POSTAL MEDIA

So all together, film fans!!!  If you ever see me use this expression – “Masterpiece of Narrative Subversion please know that I mean this movie makes no $#%$ing sense.  I mean, I enjoyed Aqua Teen Hunger Force because it contains one of the most hilarious appeals to the audience I’ve ever viewed (warning, screener), but otherwise the movie’s a cataclysm of pointlessness.  On the other hand, part of refining one’s taste is being exposed to oddball stuff once in a while, which this definitely was.  Any movie which was quite popular and yet has no plot synopsis on imdb…. Warning Will Robinson, indeed, kids.  I enjoyed it, but more along the cultural artifact lines,  There were some very snappy one liners.
Much more enjoyable – the three episodes of Venture Brothers, which is a hipper than thou Jonny Quest.  The Scooby Doo parody was pure evil.  I heart Brock Samson, voiced by clean green actor Patrick Warburton.
Add pizza and beer to a date which included the foregoing and I had a very pleasant evening.  After my ride home (and thank god, it was POURING bloody rain), I dreamed that somebody I’ve wanted to have sex with for about ten years jumped on me, and I said, “Jeez, I’d love to, but we can’t because of ” here insert extremely rational, sane, non-dreamlike reason.  Then we put our clothes back on.  I’m consoling myself that at least I got to see him naked.  GRRRRRR.  This thing inside my skull that wants me to be a better person is now in my dreams as well!!!! I demand a neuronal recount.

Much thanks to Cousin Gerald, who found this piclink for me.  I entitle it “Luckier than the Average Bear”.

All this and alcohol too.

And now for something completely different….

Annie Liebowitz is a genius.

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  1. If part of refining one’s taste involves looking at oddities from time to time, I’ll go with the pre-Hayes Code musicals of the thirties, thank you. It is true, however, that they too can be cataclysms of pointlessness on occasion.

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