weird frisson

I’m at kopper’s place (typed kipper, ha ha) as, scurvy little emotional parasite that I am, I didn’t want to be by myself the night before nautilus3’s surgery.  Also, I wanted a break from the non stop looking at responses to my Craigslist ad, which I can do now that I have located…. Dances with Sheep!  Yes, I ran the nickname by him and he kind of email rolled his eyes but he’s okay with it.  You can understand just how laid back he is from this exchange.  He will be referred to in short form as DwS.
The weird frisson was that I nearly logged in as kopper, which would have been really bizarre.

I have now had coffee and I have an hour to get to work. Wish me luck!!!

I will be thinking about my mOm a lot today.  She says she’s never been so well prepared for a major life event…. They really try to make sure you have everything you need in advance.

Kopper showed me her bow collection.  You know, the kind you kill things with.  As a member of the Consorority of the Brides of Lymond, having a girlfriend who can kill things with a bow and arrow is SWOONDERFUL.  Then I admired her ribbons…. gal’s good.

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  1. I’m thinking of Nautilus3 today. I’m glad she is calm and prepared. Congratulation, Allegra, regarding DwS and Kopper — I’m happy for you.

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