CAN car messenjah, Penny partay, enough sleep.

So I agreed to take the billing info from the two cars up here on the hill into the folks at CAN each month, and I’ve been so busy dating I hadn’t done it until last night.  I gave Katie K a call and she met up with me and we did the wanderaround together, which is way more fun than wandering around alone, and I got beer at the Granville station and she mentioned that there is a get together of a bunch of her relations and friends at the Penny on Hastings, so we hit that just as the mob was leaving and ate really superlative greasy spoon Chinese food.  Then we came back here and crashed like a British paratrooper (extremely poor taste reference) since between her recent dental surgery and my white nights we were just this side of exhausted.  I actually got enough sleep last night which is amazing – I’ve been experiencing a lot of sleep deprivation.

Last night I dreamed that I was a man wearing a robe and I had to scold a girl about 6 years old for abandoning her post. (She was playing with another little girl instead of listening to a monitoring device.) I was so angry I turned away from her so I wouldn’t immediately start yelling, and she obligingly got up and stood in front of me so I could start my tirade. Then I woke up.

Katie K says she dreamed that she kept trying to introduce me to myself and I kept saying that I wasn’t interested.

Those two dreams taken side by side are pretty funny, especially in Jungian terms.  I must go away and think about them.

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