Yet more awesome linkypoos

Finn Family Moominaddams
Cheese off your colleagues
Well, they have to live SOMEwhere.
Toenails and Forensics
Bigfoot video is 40…. I still think it’s a guy in a two part suit.  Why no feet?  Doesn’t the ‘rippling’ look like a costume folding?  Why the line right along the midsection?
If animals could blog….
These mushrooms are probably fake, but great for Halloween.
A GREAT language blog, hours of fun here.
Honest to God, I thought the kid would make an exit there and then.

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7 thoughts on “Yet more awesome linkypoos”

  1. I couldn’t believe the size of this woman’s belly. It was really huge compared to me with Jenn (9lbs 5oz) SO I thought maybe twins BUT I have never seen such activity. My guess is it (or they) are destined to be athletes.

  2. I stand by my previous assessment
    Look at her clutching her hands when the movement becomes intense

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