2007 in review

In January I did some standup, got a charley horse, whinged about my daughter & got told to stay with Paul by my kids. Molly Ivins died, which was why I couldn’t find her posts any more. Of breast cancer, which was, even then, brushing closer to my life. I wrote “Ingathering”. My year looked like this.

February I went to Toronto and had a glorious visit with my friends.

March I wrote Slimfast and Methadone. I also saw Guy Clark, John Hiatt, Lyle Lovett and Joe Ely. I played with a Wii for the first time. I wrote a birthday song for Scary Clown and saw Cory Doctorow.

April I was tired and emotional, and packed to move out. New broadloom and paint happened.

May I ate slept worked and and helped prep the Augur Inn for sale. Keith got mugged but it all turned out okay. The house went up for sale.

June I went to Jericho Beach folk club and read a lot of Patrick O’Brian.

July the house closed.  I dated a  bit.
August a number of us made the plan to go see the eclipse in Russia in 2008.  I found out my mom has – and now it’s the past tense – had cancer.  I also kicked libertarianism in the ‘nads and had a fantastic visit with my brother. August had lots of stuff in it. I dated a bit.
September Keith started his course.  Katie got a job at Village de Valeur.
October we finally signed the separation agreement and got the proceeds from the house.

November I went to the Dominican Republic with daughter Katie and to the company Chrissimas partay with Kopper.
December – I met a nice man who’s at least as crazy as me.   I really really really hated my job.  But it will be better next year….I found out that my nephew Jesse is back in the babydaddy business.  Happy sigh!  And the best news of alllllll   Katie decided to come to Jarmo’s for New Year’s.  My life is now an awesome place, and it’s the best best way to finish the year!!!