Church this am

LOTS OF SINGING.  This is a goooood thing, especially around Christmas.  The vein of gossip at church this morning was solid gold, with hinted deposits of platinum and neodymium.  Let’s just say that if you hear me snickering with nothing in sight worth laughing at, it is because my thoughts, so recently dark and sad, have been transformed into joy, mirth and mild self-derision at my not having faith in my long term prospects for happiness.  I really do carry happiness, sanity, and the ability to assist others in their pursuit of happiness and sanity, around with me. If I am occasionally self-serving in this regard, it’s only because I wasn’t crazy to begin with.  As daughter Katie remarked, I am right more often than I am wrong, but I need more patience in waiting for results.
And I’m working on a new song… the chorus runs

Be wary

Be wary

Be wary of the fury of a patient man…


Apart from Daxus’ phone call to kid Katie yesterday morning, from which much heat and little light and me itching to slap him one, it was an extremely peaceful day.  We took a walk across campus in the early evening and inspected the statuary and the reflecting pond, covered with a skin of ice, and considering that we’d been closeted with Al Swearengen all day, we really needed the walk.

In about an hour I’ll head off to church.