So much for copyright!!!

If the copyright notice is so small you can’t f*cking read it, that’s not much protection. Anyway, this panel from Terry Moore’s Strangers in Paradise was an immediate favourite of librarians everywhere. Too bad you can’t tell it’s his. I just emailed him, partly to give him a heads’ up, and partly because I wanted to vent about how the large size digests I want to buy are no longer available anywhere and instead there are the dinky and uselessly tiny paperbacks.  Grrrr.


New Year’s at Susanna and Jarmo’s Stannomancy Hut (Keith is accompanying, wOOt.)  Kopper’s visit was mellow, low key and instructional (I am now exposed to David Lynch’s euro version of the pilot for Twin Peaks).  Keith and Kopper got to view each other IRL.  Keith’s visit included a brief workout downstairs – I joined him.  I immediately felt worse but I feel okay now.  Look what Kopper’s got pencilled in for New Year’s Day – firing arrows at targets….  I hearts a woman who can silently put effective holes in things at a distance.

spending money again

I love the week after Christmas. Picked up a nice jacket to replace the third hand John Deere jacket Keith’s been wearing for the best part of ten years at the Bay yesterday… half price. Picked up a laptop snare and have fallen deeply in love with it, as it produces a starting depth and variety of percussive noise. Picked up a button which says Beer is my comfort food, and a couple of others equally snide, and watched Keith zone out in a comic book store (the height of entertainment). Also picked up the Collectors Serenity. Keith wanted it for the cast commentary… I didn’t find it all that gripping, so I went to bed. We also watched Pan’s Labyrinth and I have to say although it was good and creepy, I am not getting what all the oohs and aahs were about when it came out. I guess watching somebody innocent die at the end wasn’t my idea of a good time.

Today I’m going to wheedle Keith into helping me move more furniture and maybe do an abbreviated shop.