Merry Christmas movie reviews

It’s 4 in the morning…. I napped so much yesterday that I can no longer sleep. So now I’m up, and while I’m here I might as well review Black Snake Moan.

Movie about redemption where nobody gets killed?  Yes there is some violence.   Sign me up.  Christina Ricci gives a performance somewhere between possessed and mesmeric (and she don’t wear too much clothes)  and Samuel L Jackson is great, and they do their own singing, and how can I as a Unitardarian not like a movie in which Christina Ricci sings a hymn “This Little Light of Mine”? (which is in Singing the Living Tradition, the UU hymnal).  The soundtrack is uniformly excellent.
Jeff and Andrew I also watched two fifths of Spike Lee’s She Hate Me but he turned it off when I got up and walked out the room.  Lee, in my view, doesn’t leaven his bitterness with enough humour, and when he does use humour it’s not much fun.  He keeps making peep peep noises about not hating women and being misinterpreted but I don’t f2cking buy it. The hell of it is I love Spike’s visual style and economy and pacing and music – but I can’t swallow the bile.  The best part of the movie was watching the credits and seeing SO many talented actors on the playbill – and getting hopeful.  Great opening credit sequence too.  I just can’t buy the rich gorgeous lesbians paying for sex to have a baby thing.  Any group of women that smart should be able to come up with a plan for finding babydaddies that doesn’t involve spending money.  Hell, I’m not that smart and I could do it.  If you’re going to do a movie about how the good guy always gets screwed, try not to make the motifs quite so obvious.

Merry Christmas!  May the transcendent wonder of a new life infuse your being.  And if you’re not a transcendent wonder kind of person, have a good day filled with friends, food and family.

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