A small but appreciative audience.

I read my story-so-far to the Luddite, who is now encouraging me to finish it, and making suggestions, including less talk and more action.  ‘Twas ever thus!  About some things men are quite consistent.

Dragged my surly self into the office an hour early to learn about setting up queues for the VOIP lines.  My head  buzzed like a thwacked beehive and I was insufficiently slept and caffeinated to actually take on anything resembling information.  Fortunately the day got better although I felt like I could have used toothpicks to keep my eyes open.

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9 thoughts on “A small but appreciative audience.”

  1. Is this a book you are working on? I wonder what the demographics are for the material you are writing. I went to a Diana Gabaldon book reading and to my surprise, I’d say the average age was tightly wrapped around about 50 AND there were two men out of 500 people in attendance.

  2. It’s easy to write a porn STORY – it has a beginning, middle and end and the closer the beginning is to the middle, the better the boys like it. (This story bears the title “The Tale of the Penthouse Rejects.” Because no matter how you set the scene, it ends up looking like a letter to Xaviera that never got published.) It’s very hard to write a porn NOVEL. I don’t know about you, but as charming and compelling as sex can be, it’s still a tiny part of my life. The laundry remaineth; the dishes we have with us always; the oil in cars must needs be changed; and the backed up sewer lines shall be visited upon us. And if, like some of us, we have jaw implants, cancer operations, herniated disks, fibromyalgia, thrumps and hollow heels….() in the words of the immortal Al Swearengen, “Age spares us no f*cking indignity.”

    With respect to Diana Gabaldon, it’s much the same with Dunnett fandom. We are (I think this is Lady Miss B’s invention) the Consorority of the Brides of Lymond (the formal group is DDRA the Dorothy Dunnett Readers Association) and most of us are vibrant and thoughtfully single middle aged women with an eye for beauty, romance in book form and expensive trips to Europe. The ex went to a DDRA event in Seattle and the son went to a DDRA event in Vancouver but there are NOT a lot of men involved.

    Speaking of expensive trips to Europe, it’s settled – I’m off to Paris for my 50th. I was going to take Katie to Mexico but I’m thinking she can work and get herself there. More news after I move; the next six weeks are going to be deliriously busy. I’ll be going with Tammy.

  3. Is it Diana Gabaldon that triggers the lesson on porn?
    IF that is indeed porn, a lot of people are paying for…the description of what a free society has dictated shall not be inflicted upon them…without consent.
    Personally, I believe Diana has a book yet to arrive, the story isna finished.
    You were reading Dunnett aloud of most evenings when I was last at your house; I have yet to consume any on my own
    I’m so out of the loop Gabaldon was an anomaly in my mind
    Oh well

    Paris is wonderful. Look out for dog poop, and because it has been banned everywhere else, cigarettes.
    Bees. Nicotine. Bees. Nicotine
    but I digress

  4. oh, oh, I almost forgot the other thing…
    Mitch Albom, being interviewed, attributed his success to writing A BOOK SHORT ENOUGH FOR A MAN TO CONSUME.!
    Ok gals, why do we have feminism?

    My first impression starting in to Gabaldon was maybe here was a book full of information that a man might read because you could tick off the seconds to the next sex scene. Of course, that was just a figment of my imagination. And face it folks, she (DG) does good research on all KINDS OF THINGS A MAN ALREADY EDITS TO THE BEST OF HIS AIBLITY. Or as a friend said, the killing and the sex are ok, but there is too much filler, which I took to be the social stuff and the botany/healing, and probably most of the genaeology (another reason matriarchy is truly the only way)

    Sorry about embracing stereotypes here, but my ability to remain naive is diminishing.

  5. Yes, Gabaldon keeps writing…. you know she started in fan fic, back in the day?

    We’re actually going to be staying outside of Paris and commuting in for the sights, as hotels in Paris are creeping lucifer expensive.

    Both kids were here tonight – I order pizza and we watched Deadwood. I now have some more scenes in mind for my Deadwood mashup.

    Diminishment of naivety is I WOULD PIOUSLY HOPE a matter of getting older and smarter.

  6. Yes, she had two books scheduled to come out, one has arrived “A Breath of Snow and Ashes” I believe AND am still waiting for the next book.

    I dropped History at the beginning of Grade 10. I also dropped Home Economics — didn’t mind the sewing but HATED the cooking.

    I picked up on of DGs books over ten years ago and I enjoyed it so much that I’ve read all her books now. I credit Diana Gabaldon with restoring my interest in History. Chipper, it was the addition of the social backdrop, lifestyle, personalities, etc. that made it interesting for me. Although, I won’t lie, I enjoyed reading the love scenes and building new synapses learning about history.

    Also, Lord John Grey — the private matter was quite good. The second Lord John Grey book incorporates sex scenes between Lord John Grey and another man — this I read, but it was difficult to do. I would not repeat the experience.

  7. Definitely NOT forwarding my porn. Nuff said. Although it’s amazing what a guy will do if he’s in jail, or bored.

  8. No, I didn’t ask for you to put your porn on your blog, it was the letter regarding the Canadian/US troops I was referring to!!

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