jammed up but wanting further punishment (tech report)

Between Jeff moving to town, work, packing, Tammy visiting and the state of my apartment (somewhere between DIRE and GRIM)  I am feeling a trifle blank.  Loki has remarked that he enjoyed the biscotti I mailed him, or plans to if he can get close enough to them to consume them; myself, I am just amazed that I got to the post office while it was open with his address, sufficient cash and the biscotti in hand.

I will mention that instead of using paper or styrofoam peanuts I used puffed wheat as packing material.  A stroke of genius; perhaps my definition of genius is more pliable than yours.

Anyway, here’s the drill:

I will mail you biscotti by the end of April if you are a tonstant weader and you send me your snail mail address (or if I already have your snail mail address and you ask for them).  After all, I talk about the damned things all the time.  I am thinking of doing an instructional video on biscotti making and putting it on Youtube, as well, which you have to admit would be odd, especially if I just used the mike and cam built into my MacBook (I think I will use the camera instead and have Katie help me with it).  Twice in the last week I’ve had people tell me I should do it commercially, but that would be like charging money for sex, not that there’s anything wrong with that, but you know what I mean.  (The rest of this paragraph deleted).

I hear Take Two Interactive won’t take 2 billion from Electronic Arts.  In six weeks they are going to wish they had.  I cheerfully predict it.  They will be called Didn’t Take Two in the future, and are they gonna look dumb. (Take Two makes the Grand Theft Auto series and EA is a local game powerhouse, although their UI’s for various games use restroom mops for floss at least according to some gamers I know).
I hear bars are pulling people in by having Guitar Hero and Rock Band nights.  Kung Fu Mike tells me that Rock Band is so ridiculously fun that it’s amazing it’s legal.  I prefer to play live music for real people, but that’s just my Mennonite roots showing.

The new MacBooks have gesture support. I always buy too early and get out too late….



Paranoia for breakfast. 

I can think of a couple of people I’d fill this out for…. 


I suppose worse things could fly into your hand as you’re coming in to work in the morning. 

DJ kitty scratch. 

I had some dreams they were clouds in my coffee. 

I am so easily amused. 

That’s all for now.  So much for getting up at 3:45 in the morning……

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3 thoughts on “jammed up but wanting further punishment (tech report)”

  1. Does Biscotti include people in Ottawa OR is that too far (in days) for the biscotti to remain fresh? Do you already have my mailing address?

    I didn’t get around to checking out the above links today. Am balancing the cheque book and trying to get ready for Awesome Abs and Better Backs at GL fitness. So far, I have lost a net of 3″ around my waist. Below the waist there is no improvement and my weight doesn’t seem to be changing either??? I would say I am getting a little stronger since my earlier fall when I could NOT get back up even though I was in no way hurt, just weak muscles.

  2. Yeah, I think I have addresses; I’ll ping you if I don’t. Kopper, I’ll see you in person!

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