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Obama vs Clinton…. detailed legislative lists. I was more interested in the emotional content, but that’s just me.
Best sellers in Canada this week. John Grisham continues his stranglehold on the reading public.

I think this stuffed bear thing has gone TOO FAR Not safe for prudes

I’m doing my best to work this pic into a story, but I’m drawing a blank so far. All ages pic.

Funny story about what dogs will do to get attention… and food. Language.

Took me a second to figure out what was going on here. Then I burst out laughing. All ages pic.

The Old Testament in Lego. Not safe for prudes.

Ho lee crap. All ages.

Father’s Day is coming! language.

Probably fake, but still very funny. Passport application letter. Language.

It’s raining. A crow just flew past my window. I have to buy printer ink today. I’d like to call Keith but it’s too early still. And my thoughts are just bouncing around gently.

I think I’ll make a big list of things to do this weekend… I have no commitments, and that feels good.

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  1. Entertaining package for a Sunny Saturday morning…I particularly enjoyed the one that made you burst out laughing. I did too.

  2. The plane landing looked like Gibralter. Water at both ends of the runway. Better than blue west one on Greenland, at least at Gib you have a chance of going around again if something goes wrong.

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