The only thing wrong with this video… and other random posts all sfw

Is that it isn’t mashed up with Thomas Dolby’s Wind Power.

(spectacular failure under load of a commercial wind turbine in Denmark).

An old post from boingboing, reminiscent in many ways of a Monty Python sketch.

A copyright picture of an F-16 intake vortex. Hath coolness!

Buffy’s going to Paleyfest???? ho lee chow!

wOOt, real time satellite tracking!

Ooh, slashfic. Where was I again? Actually, this is fanfic, but you get the point. For those of us who love SF and don’t understand slash, it’s where you rewrite the stories so all the right, or all the wrong, people actually have sex. Throw in some Buffy, Pirates of the Caribbean and Terminator, and … well, it’s a bad idea, but everybody’s doing it, including me (Jayne and Zoe??????). The difference between me and all the other slashficcers is that I DON’T PUBLISH IT, and you thank his noodly appendage for that. Ooh, an all cast photo….

Physics continues to operate for this unfortunate pole vaulter.

I’m up, might as well drink coffee.

Is it the world’s cutest lizard? It’s plenty cute!

Some guy did a cartoon of this, and next thing you know, the power of the internet made it so.

If you got this far, go look at some Mitch Hedberg on youtube. I just want you to understand that I think he is one of the sexiest men who ever lived. Yes, I am sick. That haircut! All the guys in my high school had that haircut! Heart Heart.
Look what I found on a contemporary feminism site!

Happy Valentines Day, Canada – Harper rams one past us YET AGAIN.

Now I’m really mad. I have to write a letter to somebody.

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4 thoughts on “The only thing wrong with this video… and other random posts all sfw”

  1. Analyze me this: why the unfortunate pole-vaulter is so funny? Schadenfreude? I don’t think so. Then why?

  2. Happy Valentine’s Day…the implications are anything but benign. Horrific scenarios – all to Canada’s disadvantage – come to mind. cc your letter to me.

  3. If the pole vaulter is hurt, it’s not good, but he makes a good landing, scuttling forward on no doubt abraded hands and knees. If he’d been hurt seriously I’d have been disgusted rather than amused.

    First I have to figure out who the hell to write the letter to. My local MP and the Minister of Defense, the rockwit.

    Just heard from Keith-san – he’s off to protest at an Anonymous anti Scientology rally with his V mask. Me so proud.

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