Two dreadful nightmares and a commute

I guess I am having fever dreams or I’m working off the last bit of sleep dep. Now, when I say I had two dreadful nightmares, I don’t have nightmares like other people, who wake up filled with existential dread and needing medication to go back to sleep; nope, I just have bad dreams. The first one involved cleaning spots off my parents’ wall. Somehow one wall in their house, which is not the house they currently live in, got COVERED in two inch across wax splatters. Think “meditation circle gone horribly wrong” and that would about cover it. And not nice white paraffin wax splatters, either, multicoloured nasty Chinese candle wax splatters that left stains. Sigh.

The second dream was even worse. I’m in a blue wool suit (always a bad sign) and I decide tra la la that I’m going to clear customs with something illegal – I’m not even sure what, just that I keep taking out and looking at the box that it’s in… subtle! Everything is just ducky as I fool myself that I’m going to get through an airport in the United States with whatever this stuff is, and then an entire planeload of transferred prisoners, leg irons and funny suits and all goes through before me and then my whole life flashes before my eyes (yawn) and I go ditch the box and I go back to stand in the line and then I woke up.

Yesterday was not a complete write off, although it came perilously close. I awoke at 2 am and could not go back to sleep. At first it was just plain insomnia; then it was feeling really odd; then it was a bunch of symptoms no sane person would care to hear repeated, until about noon; then I rested, blearily but comfortably; then Kopper said get out of the house, so I did. By the time I got to the Penny about 6:30 I was hungry, and although I was still quite light sensitive, I ate. Then, I got down to business; the whole point of leaving the house was dropping off the cheque for the deposit on the new joint. This I did, with Kopper keeping me company as we had a grand old ear flapping. That woman makes me laugh.

I’m thinking that my atypical migraines have decided to start moving around my body and that what I experienced was a gut migraine.
The FIRST thing I’m going to do is get a bike, after I move in. All the most amazing food shopping is a five minute bike ride away from the new place (including a Portuguese bakery and one of the best fish markets in town and a really nice big clean ethnic grocer) and Stuporstore is at the bottom of the hill, and strangely enough (although this did not factor into our decision) the Luddite is now within easy biking distance.

The work bus connections last night worked slick. Even late at night the 25 comes every 15-18 minutes and the connections at Brentwood and Production Way were easy (no stairs at Brentwood w((t). I anticipate no more than 40 minutes average for the commute, and I’m going to start coming in earlier to avoid the dreaded 8:30 sardine in perfume gravy can that is the 145 bus on a school day. Either that or grab the 144 out of Sperling; it’s not as direct but the timing might work out better. All in all, now that I’ve done the commute – at night, of course – I can attest that the bus is literally one block away and that the commute will be in all likelihood better than Burnaby commute on the VERDAMMT 101 bus, which meant that a 12 minute car ride turned into a hour and 10 minute commute home thanks to the timing out of Lougheed Station.

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  1. >>dreaded 8:30 sardine in perfume gravy

    A delightful turn of phrase. I’m glad I can make you laugh. It is a talent that I tend to forget.

    And if you want stairs to Brentwood Skytrain, get off on the south side by the Esso. The elevator is on the north side, for us lazy people.

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