5 thoughts on “Let’s not romanticize Tibet”

  1. Thanks for this. Have printed (it’s 25 pages) and will read. More bed-time reading for Jim. Ha, ha!

  2. I had known and gapped that the Dalai Lama took CIA money, but now I have a little more context. The stuff about women’s rights made me so mad I wanted to be vehement all over somebody’s head.

  3. Seems the only religions that aren’t about oppression (in practice) and corruption are the aboriginals, and the pagans (is that redundant?). I still figger that God is just the glue that holds the universe together. All the flavours are made by man.

  4. I’m STILL reading “1491, New Revelations of the Americas Before Columbus” by Charles C. Mann. The Five Nations laid out the new alliance’s rules of operation in the Haundenonsanunee constitution — The Great Law of Peace. On page 373 it states “The Haundenosaunee thus would have the second oldest (August 31, 1142, the last total eclipse observable in upstate NY) continuously existing representative parliaments on earth. Only Iceland’s Althing, founded in 930 A.D. is older. These estimates are based on the work of historian Barbara Mann and her Toledo colleague, astronomer Jerry Fields.

    This departs wildly from anything I ever learned about the Indians when Columbus arrived on the scene!!

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