Pork uteri

Normally I would not juxtapose those two words, but now that I’m living in East Van, I have to tell you that they are for sale, very reasonably priced, walking distance from my house.  They look about as appetizing as they sound.  I’m going to try to find a recipe for them…. okay, now I feel really sorry for myself.  They go into pork sausage.  As a certain buddy of mine is forever saying, eyes wide and bright, “Good to know”.  I suppose if I told you Pork Bung is for sale too, you’d believe me?  I bet I know where that goes.  It’s probably stuffed and steamed and turned into a delicacy of some description or other.
As you may be able to determine from the foregoing, I have now completed the shop.  Everything Jeff put on the list has been purchased, and a couple of other things too.  Now for a bit of kip until the Luddite shows up.

Appropriate use of technology

Get up!  Your sinuses are burning! PS, your house in on fire.

Please don’t kill your siblings.

A communal effort being claimed by the sea.

Scientists need money…. don’t we all?


Lenin’s all busted up about something.

Interesting podcast about ‘the hum’ and what it might be and what might cause it. 12 minutes long.
This one’s been around for ages but I still think it’s funny.

Clichés so totally rock my world

I was horrified to read a list of clichés on gawker… and I’ve used almost every one.

I will try to “use my words” in future.  If I do any LOLcats stuff I’ll put in my Livejournal, how’s that?  And perhaps I will be more judicious in my use of italics.

I draw the line at my ‘Inertnests’ neologizm going away, though.  I thought it was a nice play on words, all those people in their little inert nests, smashing the stumble button, playing around with reddit, watching Noam Chomsky interviews on youtube….

Today I will do a bundle buggy shop.  I want to see how hard it is to shop locally…..

Oh my god.  I went to the Chinese greasy spoon at the corner of 22nd and Rupert yesterday am.  I ordered scrambled eggs and sausage and got scrambled eggs and fried wieners.  While I was contemplating this horkworthy attempt at breakfast, a trembling, staggering cockroach meandered down the far wall next to the kitchen.

I dropped by Planet Bachelor where the boys had a full house – Jessica W and Katie were there for brekky.  Christ, I should have gone there first.  I hung around long enough to suck back some coffee and pick up some more tax return stuff and then went home, where I stared at the walls and did zero packing for about six hours.  To intersperse with staring at the walls I re-read Curse of Chalion and read Oryx and Crake, which is like holy crap, how many dystopian novels does the world actually require?
Then I came back here on the bus… which only runs every half hour after supper on weekends.  Gizmo and Eddie are starting to get used to me and they are certainly handsome cats.  Eddie will walk right up to you and give you a shove when he’s hungry, with his paw.  It was quite funny.  Both of the cats snore; Giz is wheezing quietly right now.

I’m contemplating the pile of remotes and wondering if I dare try to turn something on.  I need coffee.