It had to happen.

I’m off to the US today.  I have to leave to go pick the car up in about an hour.  It used to be that you took your birth cert and off you went, and now it’s B1 letter and passport and be prepared for a lengthy wait.  I am glad I am going, but not glad that my back will be trashed by the time I crawl into bed tonight – and it’s been so good since Monday night – and not glad about some other things about which it would be impolitic and possibly career limiting to whinge.
Beef teriyaki stir fry last light, and an episode of Deadwood.  Managed to get my driver’s license address/care card address changed, and stopped off at Brentwood on the way home for ingredaments – what is it about pea pods that makes stir fries automatically better?  I’ve fired off the invite for the housewarming (April 4) and the first FNFD (April 11) and I’ve already gotten a couple of responses, which is great.  Ack, time for a shower.

Eddie was meowing at the back door at 4:22 this morning.   Pouring rain still.  Flurried briefly on the mountain yesterday, everybody in my department all looked up from their desks and gasped simultaneously.