ooooooh…. I am about to spend a lot of money to go to Denvention, but I simply must sing Lady of Komarr to Lois McMaster Bujold and expose more minds to the Tapioca Song.  I haven’t been to a Worldcon since Torcon II.  And I went with my mother and brother, how the hell lame is that?  But I did get to see Harlan Ellison and I got to see Asimov, too.


More later….

Bad singing lesson

Kopper and I are still recovering from another singing lesson involving the most dirge like arrangement of “Down by the Riverside” you could possibly imagine. If this goes on I’m gonna bail on the rest of the lessons. I love the teacher and she’s awesome, but her music picks are not “what the people can hum” all the time. On the plus side we did some improvisational group singing last night.

After, I went over to the new place ostensibly to help Jeff move televisions but he declared himself too bagged; at least Kopper got to meet him even if he was far from being in his best shape. After all he’s been moving and driving large trucks around for four straight days, so exhaustion was not untoward.

My packing has slowed to a crawl, but I have set the moving day for the 19th of this month. Hopefully I will be able to get ‘er done by then.