Unpacked 1 kitchen box, hung up some clothes and then back to BGs3 and Ds1.

Keith was here.  I texted Paul to let him know he was here overnight.

My life is a long list of people who won’t pick up their phones. This won’t last, I’m just peevish.
Recently learned that the ‘professional’ painters left an open can of pain thinner at their place of work, which happens to be Kopper’s house, thank you very much, thus nearly killing the fume-sensitive occupants.  Bad word connoting bad manners and stupidity.

Cooked halibut, tater tots and corn last night, with crunchy veggies on the side.  Mind you, Jeff had to say something like, “Wanna order in?” before I got off my butt and started doing like Ah promised.  I am now officially a BG fan but I want to kill Baltar and slap the Colonel around some too.  At least I have a fighting chance of understanding the BG filk now!

Got home in exactly 55 minutes last night.  This is not the transit time – this is the time it takes me to walk up to the bus stop, wait for the bus, get to the Skytrain, transfer, get on another bus, and walk through my back door. This is half an hour faster than it used to take me to get home to 2nd St.  I am not displeased.
Seems like some boys at work shaved head over Easter.  Fanboy (a guy in my department) showed up with an extreme load of stubble, RobofNine took it down to his dome, practically.  All that shiny pink skin, disturbing somehow.