2 thoughts on “Duly noted”

  1. “Staff who catch overnight flights must shower at airports, rather than book into hotels to bathe.” What’s next, bring your own tent and sleeping bag while traveling on business. And for our fellow travellers … the airline companies have inconvenience down to a science in their efforts to cut costs. A perfect example is Ottawa, Ontario to Providence, RI — you will be standing in a line up, sitting on a plane or running from one terminal to another for about 12 hours. During this time, you will not be fed, watered or rested.

  2. This must have come as a shock to corporate execs who are used to charging everything to someone else, canada’s patronage appointees are a good example. It would be good to see the same principle applied to politicians. It would be even better to be able to outsource the politicians jobs. I was amused to read in a sidebar article the comment that if you asked 9 economists the same question you would get 10 different answers.
    Deb, ottawa-providence doesn’t sound too bad as long as you don’t have to bring along a catheter and bag.

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