Laff Riot Girls

Jeff and I went to see the finals in the Funniest New Female Comic contest at Lafflines in New West.  I was expecting at very least to have a good time but the calibre of the comics – given that they are all amateurs – was astounding.  Best line of the evening from Shay – “Canada is gay friendly – look at the nickel!  Beaver on one side, Queen on the other….”  Got to see daughter Katie briefly, as well as Suzanne.

We went on the transit.  It’s a bit of a hike to Joyce Station but it was quite doable, and then Lafflines is spitting distance from Columbia Station.

Got home before 11 and listened to about an hour of Godley Creme Consequences. I’ve always liked the album but I’d forgotten how berloody amazing it was.  My ex-husband was the first person to play it for me and I remember being blown away.  Chipper’s auld acquaintance Pat is a big fan too as I recollect.  And the wind said, “Let …. me…. in!”  Maybe it’s the most self-indulgent concept album of all time, I still like it.

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2 thoughts on “Laff Riot Girls”

  1. Yup, Pat is a big Godley & Creme and 10cc fan. Also younger bro Geoff.
    I don’t think I have ever heard this album.

  2. Chunks of it, yes, playing on her boom box stereo when she was staying with you. It is a genius album, but like most concept albums it occasionally waltzes over to Self-Indulgence Land.

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