LMB writes a traditional ballad

And fails gallantly.

I got to the end and thought – gonna have to learn that one.  That will make a nice companion piece to Judith Hayman’s song about signing your donor card. Or maybe we can start a thread of public health messages…
Last night helped Kopper orgalize and shove furniture around.  It took me 20 minutes to get home from her place!  Amazing what making your connection will do for your timing.  For my pains I received a spice rack, which I needed.

As predicted, the furniture was assembled and in place when I got home, and the barbeque was set up.  I am going to learn to char meat!  That is if I can touch it, we all know about the keepers of the sacred flame…. Guys and Q’s.

Yesterday one of my least fave senior managers visited the high jump area of the school yard, if you know what I mean.  He was competent, but man he was mean.  I mean just plain bad tempered.  I know that being hyper intelligent is a trial, constantly surrounded by morons… but really, you should keep the attitude in your pants if you want to get anything done in a social environment, which oddly enough work is.  Anyway, I googled the incoming dude and his resume is interesting but I think bringing somebody in who’s not really 100% with contract high tech manufacturing is a possible lapse in judgement on somebody’s part, although having senior experience with a company’s Wound Management Division is pretty funny, huh?  Won’t somebody please stop the bleeding?

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