2 thoughts on “The Red Army Chorus does Sweet Home Alabama”

  1. Kalinka it ain’t. A synthetic rock band backed by that heavenly (!) chorus? If I were to die now it would NOT be happy. I watched it long enough to hear, softly in the background, the Song of the Volga Boatmen and then I gave up.

    But then I looked up Kalinka on youtube and the Chorus performed it – man, the soloist has LUNGS! – with the same bizarre group performing antics the while – Russian-flavoured antics. I guess I’m still living in the last century.

  2. Nautilus3, for me, it’s all about the memories. To me the music of the 70s and 80s was awesome, groundbreaking and extraordinary. My friends and I saw many of these bands perform live and they are forever burned in my psyche. I don’t get very worked up about the music Jenn listens to although I appreciate the odd song here and there.

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