Heavy heart

I’ve been trying to get hold of Katie for the best part of a week now.  She’s moved in with Daxus and her last communiqué was a “Okay just need to get away from everyone”. 

Part of me wants to phone Rogers to shitcan her phone.  It’s costing me $50 a month to not ever get to talk to her in a meaningful way.   Daxus will get her one because part of his control freakery is texting her every thirty seconds when she’s out of his sight; I can’t imagine he wouldn’t run out and get her another one, or swap out the SIM card and get her a pay as you go phone.  Another part of me wants to cry, and I’ve been crying on and off since about 10:30 last night.

There’s other stuff going on that as usual I can’t talk about, and of course the thing that’s hurting worst is the thing I have to suck up the most thoroughly.  I’m really sad right now.  It won’t last.  It must be lived through.


The weather sucks so bad, we’re breaking 50 year old suckage records. 

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