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My m0m and Jeff have toiled tirelessly at the family website, so I posted a pic and commented on one of m0m’s posts to her blog (she’s blogging, ha) this morning.

Thomas Disch is dead. He was despondent after the death of his life partner, being thrown out of his rent-controlled apartment, and he did not have medical insurance. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again… how can people with the intelligence and industry of the Americans not look after their people? It’s as if the Christianity of the prairie populists in Canada, which spoke with such power and persuasiveness about how medical care for all would make Canada a better place, could never penetrate the I got mine style of Christianity so popular south of the border. What a world. Anyway he’s gone, and he had a really cool Livejournal where he posted really good poetry. I left an RIP there.

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  1. This is a sad statement on the development of the United States that a man who contributed so much in his life was left with little to no care. We do the same in Canada for those who are mentally ill and have trouble coping with the daily necessities of life. Oh, and I have to say that George W. Bush has not helped the situation in the US!! He’s too busy with his oil profiteering program

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