Today I’d like to rant about….

Hypocrisy, but my spleen started gnawing on my left eyeball in protest, so I had to find another subject. For a minute I considered a rant about Paul’s driving, a subject that just never gets old, but I decided that is a) too easy and b) not respectful enough. Then I thought of writing about the 100 things I would do if I was the benevolent dictator of my work; and no, it doesn’t involve public humiliation, bondage and urine, although if I was the malevolent dictator of my work that would all be up for grabs, so to speak.

I reviewed the many, many things which can set me off, and as my pulse pounded and my blood pressure started to look like a gauge on a hydraulic actuator, I thought that maybe I should reconsider this whole ranting thing. Ranting is just loose lipped emotion stuffed into a nice subject matter casing and done to a good brown. How does it help a weary and degenerate world? Apart from being entertaining if it’s done right. I mean, my homilies are rants, but prettified, all the cuss words taken out.

Then I thought about… the crush. How can I fail? That, friends, was a rhetorical question. Maybe some other time.

Ooh. I thought about Revelation. You know, the book in the Christian Bible. Continue reading Today I’d like to rant about….