Robof9 sends me a virtual octopus chandelier

Isn’t it sweet? Don’t quite like the colours but I’m all over the design.

Mike, Jeff and I hung out for a bit last night and we saw a Robot Chicken I had never seen before.  There’s this one blackout of Chewbacca imitating the Fonz which was cherce.  Then some more Futurama (the alternate universe one) so FOR ONCE we didn’t watch any NCIS, which I realized has dominated my television viewing for the last while.  But it’s so good!  The plots bump up against, and frankly sometimes stampede over, both plausibility and the likely continued employment of the principals, but the editing and dialogue and sheer charm of the show – when people aren’t being gruesomely murdered or turned into propane powered chunks by law enforcement – continue to dazzle.

It was great to see Mike.  He had to skate off as he had a date with Heather, but it was worth it just to see his new hairstyle.  Oh… it’s still long.  It was inflated to about 15 PSI though.  I’ll leave those of you who know him to picture that.