Well hang

The hang drum (pronounced hung) is a Swiss technological breakthrough in musical percussion.  Now, thanks to the beauty and glory of the internet, you can virtually play one.

This is not a musical instrument which is available in stores. You literally have to fly to Switzerland, prove yourself worthy, pay up front and wait six months for delivery.  Needless to say I covet one badly.

Thankful Thursday

One of the MANY LJ memes is Thankful Thursday.

You make a list of things to be thankful for.

In no particular order:

Lighting candles at Stef and David’s wedding.  Unitarians and fire, I tell ya.

Seeing Keith last night and Katie on the weekend.

Friends’ voices on the phone.

Jeff got cream for my coffee.

Jeff is doing my taxes (sing yip and likewise aroo!)

The bus driver who asked me what day it was.  (That was also funny).

I don’t have to work shifts.

Fresh bread.

Chris and Kyi and Zari (the kitchen staff at work, and they are NICE and they can COOK).

The sound of spoken Farsi (it is a very cool sounding language).

Finally getting the hang of the barbecue.

Eddie has forgiven me my role in pilling him every morning for five days.  Man, that was gross.

The rain is filling up the reservoir and making it less likely that this is the year we lose Stanley Park to a summer wildfire (because, unfortunately, it’s only a matter of time, friends.)

Mark Harmon’s smile.