It is over

The first 3 seasons of NCIS are done.  Hiatus I and II sucked wind at a hundred p.s.i., but maybe I’m just mad because they never filmed a dream sequence of Mark Harmon and Michael Weatherly getting it on.  I mean, three seasons in, and Whedon would have done it, but I guess Bellisario is molto square, although he sure makes room for all the slash fic you can think of, what with everybody bein’ so touchy and all.  Boy, does Mark Harmon hug Pauley Perrette a lot in Season 3!?  Then, further to the slashfic.  I’m imagining a mashup consisting of “You’re the Top” sung by Barbara and Ryan with every mention of top and bottom showing DiNozzo and McGee with nice linking motion caps.  Mm.  Could go places.

Really,  really,  I should change the subject.

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