Thankful Thursday

One of the MANY LJ memes is Thankful Thursday.

You make a list of things to be thankful for.

In no particular order:

Lighting candles at Stef and David’s wedding.  Unitarians and fire, I tell ya.

Seeing Keith last night and Katie on the weekend.

Friends’ voices on the phone.

Jeff got cream for my coffee.

Jeff is doing my taxes (sing yip and likewise aroo!)

The bus driver who asked me what day it was.  (That was also funny).

I don’t have to work shifts.

Fresh bread.

Chris and Kyi and Zari (the kitchen staff at work, and they are NICE and they can COOK).

The sound of spoken Farsi (it is a very cool sounding language).

Finally getting the hang of the barbecue.

Eddie has forgiven me my role in pilling him every morning for five days.  Man, that was gross.

The rain is filling up the reservoir and making it less likely that this is the year we lose Stanley Park to a summer wildfire (because, unfortunately, it’s only a matter of time, friends.)

Mark Harmon’s smile.

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3 thoughts on “Thankful Thursday”

  1. I HATED IT when Mark Harmon’s character was killed off in (I think it was) the 4th season of West Wing. I too am in love with him, as Jethro Gibbs or as anyone else. Wonder how he feels about groupies in their seventies.

  2. Just to proove I’m not completely shallow liking Tony in NCIS, I adore William Petersen (as Gil Grissom in CSI). I too will be sad Nautilus3 when he is removed as an actor in this upcoming season of CSI. I mean what’s the point of even watching it now!!

  3. Harmon in WW was ENTIRELY yummy. Like yowza. And William Petersen is moving into more executive stuff. I think the show will lose its heart when he’s gone. In bearded form, I think William Petersen is right up there in total yumness points.

    And Tony is growing on me. The notion that Michael Weatherly was disowned when he went into acting makes me laugh. He kinda reminds me of Doug McClure in his halcyon days. Not a great actor, but cute as all get out.

    Also, was anybody familiar with this story about Mark Harmon? He rescued some boys from a burning vehicle! A real hero, swoon.

    Groupies in their seventies? As long as they worship from very very afar, and don’t write slashfic, it’s all good.

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